MUMC Emergency Department Addition & Renovation


Project Cost: $11.5M 
Completed: 2015 
Area: 16/14,000sf 

Chatham Engineering Company, LLC provided electrical, HVAC, plumbing, medical gas and fire protection design services for the addition and renovations to the Emergency Department. The project was phased so that the existing Emergency Department operation was not impacted by construction activities.

The electrical design includes high efficient lighting which is primarily fluorescent. Since this is a 24 hour operation, only selected rooms use occupancy sensors. Others are switched. The existing hospital primary electrical system was extended to a new pad mounted transformer. This provides normal power to the project. The emergency panels are served by extending power from the hospital’s emergency power system. Areas in the renovated space are served by existing panels. To help with redundancy, half of each type exam and treatment room is served from the new power system and half from the existing.

The fire alarm, access control and nurse call systems are provided for in the new area and connected to the hospital master systems.
Lightning protection is provided for the new addition.

The HVAC system consists of three new air units which supply VAV boxes for “zoned” control. The chilled water and hot water systems extend from the hospitals hydronic systems. The air units use VFD’s for energy savings. The hospital’s energy management system controls and monitors the HVAC system.

Domestic hot and cold water extend from the existing hospital mains to new plumbing fixtures. All new fixtures are low flow type.

Medical gas outlets are located in each treatment room. The systems extend from the building’s system and must be certified before occupancy.
The new building will have a wet pipe fire protection system throughout.

Project Scope

  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Medical Gas System
  • Fire Protection



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