Effingham County Jail

Effingham County  
Project Cost: $14M 
Completed: 2014 
Area: 0000sf 

The personnel of Chatham Engineering Company provided the HVAC, plumbing, fire protection and electrical design for a new 214 bed jail which is adjacent to the existing county prison and proposed new Sheriff’s building.

The existing prison was upgraded for a larger kitchen and laundry.


The HVAC system utilizes rooftop AC units with gas heat. This allows for heating systems to remain operational in case of power outages. All control rooms and electronics rooms utilize duct-less split systems. Each housing unit will have a smoke control system which will prevent the migration of smoke to other areas within the building.


The plumbing system consists of security fixtures in inmate areas and standard commercial fixtures in visitor and staff areas. All fixtures can be isolated from accessible valves for ease of maintenance. In all inmate housing units, the plumbing is installed in a walk-in chase so access to inmate occupied areas is minimized. The system uses gas water heaters.

Fire Protection

The building is fully sprinklered and uses security sprinkler heads in all inmate accessible areas.


The electrical system consists of high efficiency lighting systems. Security type fixtures are used in inmate areas. Vandal resistant fixtures are used in corridors and dayrooms where inmates are supervised. In each cell, LED night lights are provided. All cell lights are controlled from the locking control system.

An emergency generator will be provided to serve all code required loads, such as egress and exit lights, locking controls and communications and alarm systems. The generator also provides power for the building heating system, smoke control fans, control rooms and other loads needed for maintaining jail operation.

Project Scope

  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Fire Protection
  • Electrical

Project Location

130 E 1st St, Springfield, GA 31329 – Get Directions